VTech ip8100-1 Internet Phone

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VTech ip8100-1 Internet Phone

5.8 GHz Digital expandable broadband telephone system with caller ID

Internet Phones

* Complete start-up kit for Vonage
* 5.8 GHz Digital spread spectrum technology
* Expandable up to 4 handsets using only one connection
* Auto configuration
* Built-in WAN and LAN ports
* Firewall
* Integrated broadband telephone adapter
* One-touch access to Vonage voicemail service
* Security protection
* VPN pass-through
* Web-based browser
* 50 name and number phonebook directory
* Backlit display
* Caller ID/call waiting—stores 50 calls
* Conference an outside call between handsets
* Handset speakerphone
* Headset compatible (2.5 mm)
* Intercom between handsets—no more shouting, "Dinner time!"
* Transfer calls between handsets—no more shouting, "It's for you!"
* Trilingual prompts—choose between English, Spanish or French
* Voicemail waiting indicator