ZyXEL V300 Series IP Phone

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ZyXEL V300 Series IP Phone

* HD Voice Wideband Codec Support
* Rich Call Feature with Hard Keys
* Multiple-Codec Indemnification Covered
* Crystal-Clear Voice Quality with TIA-810 Certification

Easy Deployment
The V300 Series is a cost-effective broadband network IP phone that provides an easy-to-use solution for VoIP service deployments, as well as users who already have broadband access. It supports flexible configurations including fully functional Web-based setup. Moreover, it also has the Auto-Provisioning capability to automatically download configuration files and complete the setup process without cumbersome tweaking.

Superior Audio and Speech Clarity
HD voice means excellent speech quality. It uses a wider voice spectrum between 50 and 7000 Hz, and the wider spectrum offers a more natural sound with fuller fidelity. The V300 Series IP Phone also provides various bit rates codec to meet different network environment needs.

High Voice Quality at Low Cost
The V300 Series IP Phone comes with tagging features that support QoS (Quality of Service) plans, such as ToS (Type of Service), from service providers. In addition, it also allows gateways or central-side equipments to identify and prioritize voice traffics.

Friendly Hard Keys
The V300 Series boasts hard keys with useful and popular features including Hold, Redial, Conference, Transfer, Send, Hang Up, Voice Mail, Mute, DND, Headset and Speaker, etc., to save communication time and efforts.