Hitachi 37HLX99 LCD Flat Panel HDTV

Hitachi Updated: 2007-10-01
Hitachi 37HLX99 LCD Flat Panel HDTV

120 Hz Panel Technology significantly enhances the sharpness of fast moving tv shows, and the 16-Bit/281 Trillion Color Capability gives the Hitachi LCD HDTV the ability to reproduce the widest possible range of colors.

Original Advanced Super In-Plane Switching LCD technology delivers a sharp crystal clear picture from almost any viewing angle. This new 37-inch HDTV has sleek contemporary flat panel styling with a luxurious sculptured matte black frame. The original technologies and elegant design features are combined with conveniences that produce an enhanced experience every time.

Three HDMI™ digital inputs enables the 37HLX99 to accommodate a broad range of digital sources The power swivel stand allows the viewer to remotely adjust the HDTV screen to the perfect viewing angle.

Hitachi combines optimum performance and design in this new Director's Series™ flat panel for unparalleled realism in an LCD HDTV viewing experience.

PictureMaster™ HD III Video Processor
Hitachi's patented digital video processor is an ultra-fast computer that predicts the motion of on-screen images for improved picture performance.

3 HDMI SimplayHD™ 1080p Compatible Inputs
Provide industry leading digital interface options for the future. These HDTV's are ready for up to 3 all-digital HDMI™ high definition sources.

Day/Dynamic/Night Memory by Input with Timer
Customized settings for each input that match the picture settings to the ambient light.

120 Hz Panel Technology for Fast Action Video
By doubling the frequency from 60 to 120 Hz and inserting a black frame between image frames, Hitachi has significantly improved the ability of the LCD flat panel television to reproduce sharp, realistic rapid motion.

AS-IPS Pure Color Wide Viewing Angle
Superior viewing angles, faster response times and exceptional color purity are the result of this advanced Hitachi technology.

Motion Overdrive for Clear Fast Action
This exclusive technology improves detail in the fast action scenes usually found in sporting events.

1366 x 768p Display Resolution
Hitachi's 37-inch 768p high definition display provides a state of the art life-like LCD viewing experience.

Power Swivel Tabletop Stand
Use your remote control to swivel the TV to the best viewing angle.

Anti-Reflective Screen
Effectively absorbs ambient room light, reducing reflections by almost 300% compared to conventional screen designs. This dramatic performance boost results in richer blacks, vibrant color and increased detail in shadows and highlights.

Custom Color Temperatures
Allows enthusiasts to fine tune color temperature to their preference without a technician or complicated service menu.

2-Year In-Home Warranty
Director's Series™ televisions include a two-year in-home warranty.

TV Guide On Screen® IPG
Find your favorite shows to watch and record, just by pressing the Guide button on the remote control. TV Guide On Screen® works with regular or digital cable and is the most convenient way to manage all programming options.

Fully Illuminated Roll and Click™ Remote
Easily browse channels or adjust volume using the unique rolling wheels or quickly create or change favorite channels at the push of a button.

Adjustable Color Decoder
Allows the viewer to precisely adjust flesh tones to match individual color temperature settings for the ultimate in natural image reproduction.

IR Pass Through
Hide your VCR, DVD Player or cable tuner behind closed doors and operate it using the original remote control. This feature lets the TV receive the infra-red control codes and transmit them to your hidden equipment.

CableCARD™ Compatible
This digital cable ready set will allow viewing of premium programming
on participating systems.

20-Watt Speaker System
Delivers full, clear sound to enhance the home theater experience.

Fully Illuminated Roll and Click™ Remote