Hitachi 50VS69A LCD Projection HDTV

Hitachi Updated: 2007-10-01
Hitachi 50VS69A LCD Projection HDTV

The 50VS69 50" UltraVision® LCD HDTV is made possible only with exclusive Hitachi lens technology. PictureMaster™ II Video Processor analyzes and optimizes every video frame producing a consistently sharp, smooth and life-like picture.

Separate Day and Night Picture Memory deliver superior image quality in both brightly lit and darker home theater settings. The seamless HDTV tuner allows for over the air and QAM cable reception of both SD-NTSC and HD-ATSC channels to be mapped on the same input for ease of use.

Utilizing a state-of-the-art HDMI™ connection, the 50VS69 produces higher quality digital images.

The 50VS69 delivers unmatched performance in a sleek compact design.

PictureMaster™ II Video Processor
Hitachi's innovative digital video processor acts as an ultra-fast computer program that predicts the motion of objects and corrects missing picture image leading to more realistic motion sequences.

HDMI™ Digital Interface (x 1)
Accommodates today's high definition home theater needs, including Blu-ray™ / HD-DVD™ Players and today's new HDMI™ digital cameras.

Day & Night Picture Memory by Input with Timer
Separate Day and Night Memory settings deliver superior picture quality for different lighting conditions. By simply pressing a button on the remote, or using the automatic timer, you can toggle between bright daytime settings and high fidelity nighttime settings for each source.

Hitachi High Contrast Lens System
Advanced optics engineered to reproduce sharp detail from edge to edge and corner to corner. Refined coatings improve overall contrast performance.

Anti-Reflective High-Contrast Diffusion Screen
A special coating on the screen minimizes distracting room light reflections and enhances contrast for dramatically increased picture quality.

Ultra-Compact 3-Panel LCD Light Engine
Exclusive high definition technology improves overall detail, contrast, and color performance.

12-Bit/68 Billion Color Capability
Hitachi's PictureMaster HD II Processor features 12 bit processing that eliminates distracting artifacts and increases the range of color reproduction to 68 billion colors for the smoothest and most life-like image possible.

Quick Start Seamless HDTV and NTSC Tuner
Hitachi HDTV tuner technology brings viewers a unique blend of convenience and performance. Conventional HDTV tuners need extended start-up time to scan for channels and require switching between antenna inputs when selecting analog or digital programming. Hitachi HDTV tuner technology delivers the picture quickly with seamless access to all available channels.

4:3 Expanded Mode for All TV Signals
An exclusive technique is employed to fill the widescreen with conventional 4:3 programming while minimizing perceptible distortion.

CableCARD™ Compatible
This digital cable ready set will allow viewing of premium programming on participating systems.

Digital Cable Ready (QAM)
Some cable providers send unscrambled digital channels to the customers home, a DCR(QAM) tuner allows these channels to be viewed.

Optical Digital Audio Output
Many digital TV programs have up to 5.1 channels of discrete audio, this output allows you to connect to your home theater system for surround sound when available.

Discrete IR Codes
Many custom home theaters use programmable remote controls. This feature allows you to program your custom remote control to select individual inputs and settings.

24-Watt 2-Way Speaker System
Separate Bass drivers for low frequencies and tweeters for high frequencies produce clear, rich sound.

Universal Remote Control
The remote control is preprogrammed with the capability to control Cable and Satellite tuners, VCR's and DVD players.

Universal Remote Control