Hitachi P50V702 Plasma HDTV

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Hitachi P50V702 Plasma HDTV

The new P50V702 50" Plasma is ideal for perfectly capturing the motion of movies and sports, offering top performance and stunning picture quality in a sleek High Gloss Japan Black design for a remarkable home theater experience.

The all new PictureMaster™ HD VI video processor found in the P50V702 not only provides stunningly precise film playback but also upgrades all incoming signal to match the Full HD1080P panel and ensures outstanding picture quality regardless of input type or resolution format.

With Full HD1080 products this HDTV is a perfect pixel-for-pixel match to the dominant high definition signal in the marketplace today. The P50V702 50" Plasma utilizes Full HD1080P resolution standard (1920 x 1080) and has extremely sharp detail. Additionally, Hitachi's exclusive Reel60™ film processing technology creates new frames that perfectly match the motion of movies, reducing blur and judder in film-converted-to-video.

New advanced x.v. Color™ Performance in the P50V702 maps HDTV colors to the wider capability of the plasma panel for the greatest color reproduction of any plasma HDTV. This wide color mode performance results in extreme color accuracy to match the HDTV signal.

Convenience features in the new P50V702 include the highest quality connectivity with home A/V devices delivered with 3 HDMI v1.3 video inputs. These HDMI inputs include high definition video and audio in a single cable connection. The P50V702 also comes equipped with a convenient motorized power swivel stand that rotates the screen up to 30 degrees to the left or right in order to optimize the home entertainment experience.

Key Features

Full HD1080
2.07 million pixel array for the highest resolution standard available, also providing perfect compatibility with Blu-ray high definition.

PictureMaster™ HD VI and V
Proprietary digital video processor optimizes picture performance on all incoming source material.

Exclusive film processing technology creates 'interpolated' frames that perfectly matches the motion of movies.

3 HDMI™ Inputs
Multiple high-end digital interfaces for optimal connectivity of home theater components (V1.3™ with x.v color™, CEC, 1080p60 and 1080p24 Input Compatible)

Power Swivel Stand
Motorized power swivel stand that rotates the screen up to 30 degrees to the left or right in order to optimize the home entertainment experience.

Day/Dynamic/Night Memory by Input with Timer
Three customized settings for each input that match the picture settings to the ambient light conditions of the viewing environment.

SD™ Card Photo Viewer
Front panel input for viewing jpeg images from a SD™ card.

TV Guide On-Screen™
Sort, search and record programs using an intuitive menu system.

16 Bit/281 Trillion Color Capacity
16 bit processing increases the number of steps to over 65,000 per color for the smoothest and most film-like image possible. With a capability of over 281 trillion colors, distracting artifacts are eliminated, resulting in the most vivid and realistic range of color reproduction possible.

2 Component Video Inputs
Inputs that can accommodate a broad range of high-end analog sources, including cable and satellite receivers, DVD players, VCRs and video games.

20-Watt Speaker System
Delivers full, clear sound to enhance the home theater experience. Optical Digital Audio Output.

4 HD / 6 SD Aspect Modes
Hitachi provides a wide range of aspect modes so the image can be expanded while minimizing visual distortion. Four HD (16:9) formats and six SD (4:3) formats are available.

Automatic 2:3 Film Enhancement
For content that is originated on film, Hitachi 2:3 film enhancement ensures that each and every video field is constructed from a single film frame for smoother reproduction of film to achieve the highest resolution possible.

Digital Cable Ready (QAM)
Some cable providers send unscrambled digital channels to the customers home; a Digital Cable Ready (QAM) tuner allows these channels to be viewed.

Discrete IR Codes
Keeps home theater components in sync when utilizing a universal remote control.

Dot by Dot Aspect Mode
Allows you to see every pixel of high definition programming the way the director created it, without scaling or changing the pixels.

Game Mode
Game Mode allows for the fastest game response possible by disabling detection processing which is unnecessary for gaming. Enable this feature in the setup menu by assigning an input to "Game."

Multi-Function Remote
Remote control with an expanded code library of other manufacturer's products and illuminated keys.

Multiple Language On Screen Display
Information can be displayed on your screen in seven different languages.

Optical Digital Audio Output
Many digital TV programs have up to 5.1 channels of discrete audio available. This output allows you to connect to your home theater system for surround sound when available.

Quick Start Seamless ATSC/NTSC/QAM Tuner
Combines digital and analog channels into one tuning memory for seamless channel access.

Remote IR Pass-thru
Infrared output ports allow external home theater components to be operated by their own remote control.

Screen Saver Modes
Selectable pixel orbiting, image power, screen wipe and power saving modes enable efficient operation of the television.