Hitachi P55H401 Plasma HDTV

Hitachi Updated: 2007-10-01
Hitachi P55H401 Plasma HDTV

Hitachi has clearly redifined the High Definition marketplace with the unique HD1080 resolution standard. The P55H401 55" plasma utilizes HD1080 and has over 1,000 lines of resolution at a similar value as 720p panels. The 1,080 vertical line count is a perfect line-for-line match with 1080i incoming signal and the patented ClearWindow™ pixel design maximize brightness and clarity.

Backed up by over 50 years of TV experience, the proprietary Picturemaster™ HD IV video processor found in the P55H401 upgrades all incoming signal to match the HD1080 panel and ensures outstanding picture quality regardless of input type or resolution format.

The Highest quality connection with home A/V devices is delivered with 3-SimplayHD™ HDMI video inputs. These HDMI inputs are 1080p compatible and include high definition video and audio in a single cable connection.

With a sleek cosmetic design and slim bottom speaker this 50" panel stands out for it's style as well as picture quality.

Higher overall panel resolution than 720p televisions. 1080 lines of resolution, a line for line vertical match for incoming 1080i TV signal. 1280 x 1080 total panel resolution (1.3 Mega Pixel).

PictureMaster™ HD IV
Proprietary digital video processor optimizes picture performance of all incoming source material.

3 HDMI SimplayHD™ 1080p Compatible Inputs
Multiple high-end digital interfaces for optimal connectivity of home theater components.

ClearWindow™ Plasma Technology
Smoother image reproduction with higher brightness output and less visible grid structure.
Day/Dynamic/Night Memory by Input with Timer
Three customized settings for each input that match the picture settings to the ambient light conditions of the viewing environment.

Anti-Reflective Screen
Effectively absorbs ambient room light. This dramatic performance boost results in richer blacks, vibrant color and increased detail in shadows and highlights.

Quick Start Seamless ATSC/NTSC/QAM Tuner
Combines digital and analog channels into one tuning memory for seamless channel access.

20-Watt Speaker System
Delivers full, clear sound to enhance the home theater experience.

Discrete IR Codes
Keeps home theater components in sync when utilizing a universal remote control.

Multiple Screen Saver Modes
Selectable pixel orbiting, image power, screen wipe and power saving modes enable efficient operation of the television.

Optical Digital Audio Output
Many digital TV programs have up to 5.1 channels of discrete audio, this output allows you to connect to your home theater system for surround sound when available.

Pre-Programmed Remote Control