Memorex MT2028D True Flat Screen TV

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Memorex MT2028D True Flat Screen TV

Memorex 20" True Flat Screen TV offers 191 channels with digital tuning. It boasts a V-chip function, closed caption decoder, multi-language on-screen display, sleep timer, and full function remote. To top it all off, MT2028D-BLK is digital broadcast ready with a built-in ATSC tuner, so you won't need to buy any additional components for the 2009 switch from analog to digital.

Product Features

* 181 channel synthesized tuning
* Closed caption decoder
* Multi-language on-screen display
* Sleep timer
* V-chip parental control
* Max power output: 5W + 5W
* Stereo output with front speakers

Format Compatibility


* 20" True flat screen color picture tube (measured diagonally)
* Digital broadcast ready - built-in ATSC tuner


* Rear component input
* Rear S-Video input
* Rear A/V input
* Rear RF input
* Side A/V input
* Side headphone jack


* User manual & warranty card
* AC power cord
* Full function remote control (batteries sold separately)