Mitsubishi HD-6000 Digital Cable Ready HDTV Receiver/Controller

Mitsubishi Updated: 2007-09-13
Mitsubishi HD-6000 Digital Cable Ready HDTV Receiver/Controller

Televisions as brilliant as ours deserve HDTV technology to match. This advanced HDTV receiver/controller beautifully packages many of the features of our best-in-class TVs to provide a seamless extension to your viewing experience.

Converts low-resolution analog and digital pictures into near-HDTV realism.

PerfectColor™ is an exclusive Mitsubishi feature that gives your customer the ability to adjust the intensity of six separate colors independently of each other and separately for every input. PerfectColor™ is a full color matrix, much more powerful than a conventional color intensity control with red versus green color balance.

Adjustable Output Scanning Rate

480-Line Motion-Adaptive 3D Y/C Comb Filter

Auto Film Mode
Automatically senses and adjusts for programming converted from movie film.

* TV your way CableCARD™ Slot
* TV Disc PVR 120GB
* SD MPEG Encoder
* TV Guide On Screen®
* NetCommand® 4.0
* FireWire® (IEEE 1394)
* HDMI™ Input and Output
* HD Component Video Output
* TV Pause and Instant Replay
* 8 Format Modes