Mitsubishi LT-46244 1080p LCD Flat Panel HDTV

Mitsubishi Updated: 2007-09-13
Mitsubishi LT-46244 1080p LCD Flat Panel HDTV

More color, for a more colorful image. Mitsubishi is taking Color to a new level with x.v.Color™ support and Mitsubishi’s Full Spectrum Color.™ x.v.Color™ is the new standard for HDTV and it enables 80% more color than standard HDTV! Mitsubishi’s Full Spectrum Color™ results in 25% more color than standard LCD. Reds and Yellows become more vivid and there are more available shades of Green, Cyan and Blue resulting in a more vivid and more realistic image. Additional color features such as Color 4D Noise Reduction and PerfectColor™ and PerfecTint™ allow for advanced color processing and adjustment. The result is breathtaking realism with vivid, yet natural Color Without Compromise.

Larger screen, not larger spaces. The 46-inch 244 Diamond 1080p LCD Flat Panel HDTV features Mitsubishi’s Plush1080p® processing for both unsurpassed detail in over two million pixels and for bright, vibrant images. Mitsubishi’s Smooth120Hz™ minimizes motion blur especially in fast moving scenes. With its ultra thin frame, high quality hidden speakers and its ultra-compact design, the 244 Series lets you get a larger screen in less space than ever before! Go ahead and get into the action, immerse yourself.

* 1080p LCD Flat Panel Display
* xvColor™
* Full Spectrum Color™
* Deep Color
* High Contrast Picture
* Smooth 120Hz™
* Plush1080p™
* Tru1080p™ Processing
* Color 4D Video Noise Reduction
* PerfectColor™
* PerfecTint™
* DeepField™ Imager
* SharpEdge™
* Video Modes: Brilliant / Bright / Natural / Game

Lots of connections, made easy. Mitsubishi leads the industry with 3 rear HDMI 1.3 inputs and two rear component inputs for maximum HD connectivity. Both a side HDMITM 1.3 and side component video inputs allow you to easily connect your favorite HD game system. It is Digital Cable Ready with a CableCARDTM slot and offers TV Guide Daily.® Additionally, a USB input for up to 5 Mega Pixel pictures connect you to more of your life, while Mitsubishi’s Easy ConnectTM along with NetCommand® makes set-up and operation so easy.

* Thin Frame Design
* Digital Cable Ready HDTV with CableCARD™ Slot
* TV Guide Daily®
* ClearThought™ Easy Connect
* NetCommand®
* Side USB Input (5 Mega Pixel Photo)
* Side HDMI™ 1.3
* 3 Rear HDMI™ 1.3 Inputs
* HDMI™ 1.3 with SimplayHD™
* Side Component Video Input
* 2 Rear Component Video Inputs
* RS 232 Codes
* Fully-Illuminated Remote