Mitsubishi WD-52327 HD-Upgradeable MicroDisplay DLP TV

Mitsubishi Updated: 2007-09-12
Mitsubishi WD-52327 HD-Upgradeable MicroDisplay DLP TV

Introducing Mitsubishi’s newest, HD-Upgradeable DLP™ MicroDisplay TVs. Perfect for stand-alone or home theater, they share from our high end models’ impressive ease-of-use features and stunning video images.

Always-Perfect Picture Complete with Mitsubishi’s most advanced features, this television delivers unsurpassed quality in every aspect.

Mitsubishi 1280x720p Proprietary DLP™ Light Engine

DarkDetailer™: DarkDetailer™ is a Mitsubishi exclusive technology that uses a dynamic aperture system to add depth and texture to the picture. Dark Detailer improves contrast ratio by more than four times, giving you a wide array of colors and shades that are essential for optimal viewing of dark, dramatic scenes while also providing maximum brightness.

AMVP™: Converts low-resolution analog and digital pictures into near-HDTV realism.

PerfectColor™: PerfectColor™ is an exclusive Mitsubishi feature that gives your customer the ability to adjust the intensity of six separate colors independently of each other and separately for every input. PerfectColor™ is a full color matrix, much more powerful than a conventional color intensity control with red versus green color balance.


480-Line Motion-Adaptive 3D Y/C Comb Filter

Auto Film Mode: Automatically senses and adjusts for programming converted from movie film.
TV your way Intuitive, user friendly features make it easy to watch TV your way.

5-Inch Coaxial Speakers: Full range speakers

8 Picture Format Modes: For analog 480i and 480p, includes Narrow, Standard, Expand, Zoom, Stretch, Stretch Plus. For analog 1080i and digital 16:9, Standard and Expand. For digital 4:3 formats, there is Narrow, Standard and Expand.

3 Component Video Inputs: Inputs have 480i, 480p and 1080i capability.

Integrated NTSC Tuner: One more reason Mitsubishi is a leader in home theatre. This TV is designed so intelligently that it has a built in NTSC tuner so you won't need an external tuner. It also has speakers and a subwoofer built in to complete the package.

DVI - Digital Visual Interface: DVI is a method used to send non-compressed digital video information from one device to another device. DVI is a “one way” system which means there is a sending (source) device and a receiving device. Just as there are different standards for standard computer analog RGB signals and for standard analog TV video signals, there are differences between the digital computer signals and digital TV video signals. For DVI to work properly, both DVI devices, the source device and the receiving device, must be compatible with the same types of signals. For video, the most common signals are stated in scanning rates of 480p, 720p and 1080i. TVs that have DVI inputs do not normally accept digital computer signal standards. DVI signals are video or graphics only and do not contain audio.