Mitsubishi WL-82913 1080p DLP Television

Mitsubishi Updated: 2007-09-12
Mitsubishi WL-82913 1080p DLP Television

If you’re truly serious about purchasing the best television on the market, look no further than Mitsubishi’s premier model. As the world’s largest mass-produced HDTV, this amazing television produces a nearly seven-foot picture and recreates the movie theater experience with breathtaking color, clarity and sound.

Always-Perfect Picture As the top model in Mitsubishi’s lineup, you can be sure every ounce of innovation, intelligence and experience is brilliantly evident in this amazing television.

Mitsubishi 1920x1080p 3-chip LCoS Light engine

Converts low-resolution analog and digital pictures into near-HDTV realism.

PerfectColor™ is an exclusive Mitsubishi feature that gives your customer the ability to adjust the intensity of six separate colors independently of each other and separately for every input. PerfectColor™ is a full color matrix, much more powerful than a conventional color intensity control with red versus green color balance.


480-Line Motion-Adaptive 3D Y/C Comb Filter

Auto Film Mode
Automatically senses and adjusts for programming converted from movie film.

Diffusion Screen

1080p PC Input

TV your way The list of user-friendly control features is nearly as big as the television itself. You won’t believe how easy it is to control such an amazing creation.

IEEE 1394
The IEEE 1394 multimedia connection enables simple, low-cost, high-bandwidth real-time audio, video and data networking between a Mitsubishi TV and other consumer electronics products such as camcorders, DVHS. With IEEE 1394- compatible products and systems, users can record SD or HD digital video over a plug and play AV network.

All Mitsubishi Digital Cable Ready televisions include NetCommand® with IR learning. This exclusive feature provides your customer with a true one-remote control home theater system. NetCommand® is an on-screen home theater control system that blends control of IEEE 1394 digitally connected products and conventional IR analog connected products into a simple icon-based control system. NetCommand® has a library of codes or can learn the IR codes from almost any IR-based analog component.

IR Learning
When you connect your compatible audio or video devices to the television, the television can “learn” which audio and/or video devices are connected. The Mitsubishi TV remote control will then be able to control these devices.

Plays MP3 and WMA digital audio files and reads digital camera memory cards.