Mitsubishi WS-48513 CRT Television

Mitsubishi Updated: 2007-09-13
Mitsubishi WS-48513 CRT Television

Discover the world of HDTV with a television that delivers amazing picture quality, rich sound and a wealth of features intelligently designed to maximize your viewing experience. This impressive model makes a great addition to any room or home theater system.

An amazing array of features ensures you’ll enjoy television like you’ve never seen it before.

* PerfectColor™
* DefinEdge™ VSM
* ColorTuned™ Diamond Shield™
* Auto Film Mode
* StretchPlus
* Microfine™ 3 CRT
* MediaCommand™

Mitsubishi devotes as much time to creating the industry’s best televisions as we do to ensure you can easily and fully enjoy them.

MonitorLink™ Control / RS-232C
A digital control interface that works in conjunction with MonitorLink™ when connected to a Mitsubishi HDTV Reciever/Controller. While MonitorLink™ provides the digital video signal, MonitorLink™ Control provides enhanced functioning such as automatic powers ON/OFF and input selection. This can also used as an RS-232C control signal input port when not connecting a Mitsubishi HDTV Receiver/Controller with MonitorLink™ features.

IR Learning
When you connect your compatible audio or video devices to the television, the television can “learn” which audio and/or video devices are connected. The Mitsubishi TV remote control will then be able to control these devices.

All Mitsubishi Digital Cable Ready televisions include NetCommand® with IR learning. This exclusive feature provides your customer with a true one-remote control home theater system. NetCommand® is an on-screen home theater control system that blends control of IEEE 1394 digitally connected products and conventional IR analog connected products into a simple icon-based control system. NetCommand® has a library of codes or can learn the IR codes from almost any IR-based analog component.

IEEE 1394
The IEEE 1394 multimedia connection enables simple, low-cost, high-bandwidth real-time audio, video and data networking between a Mitsubishi TV and other consumer electronics products such as camcorders, DVHS. With IEEE 1394- compatible products and systems, users can record SD or HD digital video over a plug and play AV network.