Mitsubishi WS-65513 CRT Television

Mitsubishi Updated: 2007-09-13
Mitsubishi WS-65513 CRT Television

Brilliant picture. Amazing sound. Clean designs. This impressive television delivers HDTV as its meant to be seen, and an array of smart, industry-best features that only Mitsubishi offers.

Mitsubishi’s tireless commitment to innovation is beautifully evident in the wealth of features that deliver beautiful color, clarity and sound.

* PerfectColor™
* DefinEdge™ VSM
* ColorTuned™ Diamond Shield™
* Auto Film Mode
* StretchPlus
* Microfine™ 3 CRT
* MediaCommand™

A suite of user-friendly, intuitive features makes it easy to get the most from your viewing experience.

* MonitorLink™ Control / RS-232C
* IR Learning
* NetCommand®
* IEEE 1394