Mitsubishi WS-65813 CRT Television

Mitsubishi Updated: 2007-09-13
Mitsubishi WS-65813 CRT Television

Years of Mitsubishi devotion to innovation and excellence are beautifully evident in one of our top models. You’ll enjoy picture and sound quality unrivaled in the industry, along with a wealth of features that make this set worthy of displaying the prestigious three diamonds.

Mitsubishi has made its name as an industry leader by delivering incredibly advanced features such as integrated in this amazing television.

* TruFocus™ Lenses
* PerfectColor™
* QuadField Focus™
* DefinEdge™ VSM
* Anti-Glare ColorTuned™ Diamond Shield™
* Auto Film Mode
* StretchPlus
* Microfine™ 3 CRT
* 9" CRTs
* EDF™ Lens System

A wealth of user-friendly, intuitive features makes it incredibly easy to maximize your viewing experience.

* DVI - Digital Visual Interface
* NetCommand®
* QuadField Focus™
* MediaCommand™
* IEEE 1394