Mitsubishi WS-73713 CRT Television

Mitsubishi Updated: 2007-09-13
Mitsubishi WS-73713 CRT Television

Discover a viewing area almost as large as the list of features enabling it to deliver its brilliant picture quality. Intelligent technology like unsurpassed 9-inch CRTs produce a level of color, brightness and contrast only available from an industry leader.

Mitsubishi’s top technology is seamlessly integrated in this television, empowering it to display the full splendor of HDTV.

* PerfectColor™
* DefinEdge™ VSM
* ColorTuned™ Diamond Shield™
* Auto Film Mode
* StretchPlus
* 9-inch MicroFine™ 3 CRTs

Everything you need to set up, program and control this amazing television is at your immediate command.

* DVI - Digital Visual Interface
* Integrated HDTV Tuner
* NetCommand®
* MediaCommand™
* IEEE 1394