Philips SRU3003WM Universal Remote Control

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Philips SRU3003WM Universal Remote Control

Perfect replacement remote for lost or broken remotes. 3 device remote with big buttons for ease of use. Silver on black finish to match most components.

Big buttons increase operability and readibility
BIg buttons are larger size buttons on a remote to help read the label better. Additionally, pressing the button becomes more convenient, as the size has increased by 2 mm compared to the standard button remote size.

Keys that navigate the remote thought the menu light up
Can't see in the dark. Try pressing small buttons on a remote when you can't see the keys. Change that with glow keys that light up the keys so you can see the keys as if it were the middle of the day. Remotes light up the primary keys as opposed to the less used keys. The primary keys are scroll keys, volume, channel, and mode keys.

this remote control can be easily programmed by brand
Why waste time with computers, call in upgrades, etc. when you can program remotes in minutes. Enter 4 digit code that matches your brand. Press the power button until the TV comes on, then you are done.

Eye-catching remote in silver housing
Elegant silver finish on the remote control complements today's stylish audio and video equipment.

Dedicated keys for moving around menus
Dedicated keys to move easily around your equipment's menus mean simple one finger operation without having to press shift or function shift keys