Pioneer PDP-5080HD KURO Flat Panel HDTV

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Pioneer PDP-5080HD KURO Flat Panel HDTV

Prepare yourself for a world so wonderful, so different, so completely new — your senses will need to adapt in ways never before imagined. It's a world built on uncompromising attention to detail in an extraordinary, beautiful new way. Where black levels are so black, they disappear into an infinite abyss. Where colors are so pure, they gush with their own emotions.  Where emotions are built with feelings so deep…tears fall like lead, fear flows like wildfire and passions swell with the rising tide. It's a world so intense, so rich, so real, it will change the way you look at TV forever.

Discover a place where the most potent of emotions and uncompromising attention to details have created a whole new concept of sight and sound. Where day and night no longer matter. Where boundaries melt away. A place where colors are felt and sounds are tasted. Where engineers have created an experience so truly incredible, so beyond amazing…it's transformed the average television into an elegant work of art.

Enter a world with both the aesthetics and performance to change the way you'll look at television. Where an uncompromising attention to detail and 1365 x 768 high- definition resolution ensure spending time here is an experience that defies explanation. Ultimately it's where high-definition movies, music, sports, video games, photos and online media can now perform together on a technological masterpiece so unbelievably beautiful, so aesthetically pleasing… it defies explanation.

See for yourself how the KURO's video processor brings out the very best in both high-definition and standard definition signals, creating high-resolution detail, color and depth unlike any other. Be one of the few who truly know there is no need for compromise with the KURO.

Plasma Technology
High-Definition Resolution: WXGA - 1365 x 768
50" Class (49.85" Diagonal): Yes
Deep Encased Cell Structure/Crystal Emissive Layer: Yes
Improved Color Filter For Enhanced Contrast: Yes
Improved ASIC Video Processing and Scaling: Yes
Detachable Bottom Speaker: Yes

Plasma Features
New & Improved Optimum Video Mode: Yes
Smooth Film Mode: Yes
4 Independent HDMI® 1.3 Inputs: Yes
Advanced PureCinema with 3:3 (72Hz) Pulldown: Yes
Fully Integrated ATSC and Dual NTSC Tuners: Yes
Built-In CableCard™ Slot: Yes
Home Gallery: Yes
V-Chip Parental Control: Yes
TV Guide On Screen Interactive Guide (Ver. 9): Yes
Remote Control: Glow in the dark/Preset Mode

Picture Settings
A/V Selection Memory: 6 options (Optimum / Dynamic / Standard / Movie / Game / User)
Aspect Ratio Control: 5 positions (Wide / Zoom / Cinema / Full / 4:3 )
Advanced Picture-In-Picture: 4 Positions
Picture-Side-Picture: 3 Positions
Still Picture Capability: Yes
Seamless Orbiter: (Off / On)
Auto Size: (Off / Natural / Wide-Zoom)
Side Mask Detection: (Off / On)
Side Mask Brightness: (Fixed / Auto)
Video Pattern: (White Bar)
Game Control Preference: (AV Selection Only) (Off / On)