Samsung FP-T5094W plasma TV

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Samsung FP-T5094W plasma TV

SAMSUNG's 50" FP-T5094 offers full HD 1080p resolution. Watch its astonishingly crisp picture from any angle - even in a brightly lit room, thanks to its ultra FilterBright™ anti-reflection filter. Because the image is transmitted to the screen from its remote hub, you have more options as to where to place this stylish HDTV.

key specifications

* Screen Size : 50"
* Resolution : 1920 × 1080
* Contrast Ratio : 10,000:1

SAMSUNG's revolutionary DNIe™ technology offers digital perfection in naturally presented, crystal-clear images that uncover even the most minute detail.

natural true color
SAMSUNG plasma TV can display natural true color with 18 bit processing. A new algorithm that adjusts color balance will let you enjoy the lifelike color.

SRS TruSurround
SAMSUNG TVs are equipped with the best that technology can offer in sound quality. Even when viewing regular broadcasts, our 2 speaker surround sound makes you feel as if the theater has been brought to your living room.

Anti-glare enhances contrast ratio in bright rooms even in the daytime and improves overall brightness for clearer image details.

10,000:1 contrast ratio
Two of the most important factors in overall picture quality contrast and brightness achieve new heights in these new plasma panels.

power save
The power save feature offers three modes, one of which is auto save. In the event of ambient light change, the blue eye detects this change automatically and brightness will be adjusted to the most suitable level. This feature reduces power consumption by up to 25% compared to standard TVs.