Samsung PN50A530 plasma TV

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Samsung PN50A530 plasma TV

You'll always enjoy a bright, beautiful picture with the SAMSUNG PN50A530 plasma flat screen HDTV. 1080p resolution offers the best clarity and details. An astounding 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio ensures the sharpest, most realistic images. And you won't have to worry about glare interrupting your viewing pleasure. With FilterBright™ technology images are crisp and bright anytime of the day.

key specifications

* Screen Size : 49.9"
* Aspect Ratio : 16:9
* Resolution : 1920 x 1080
* Contrast Ratio : 30,000:1

FilterBright™ anti glare filter
Minimized image glare and maximized contrast make this HDTV perfect for the ultimate viewing experience day or night. The anti-glare filter reduces reflections noticeably while maintaining ultra-high picture contrast. Daytime sports events look crisp and bright, while movies at night feature rich blacks and realistic shadow detail.

anti burn-in technology
SAMSUNG's Plasma HDTVs are built to last. Anti-burn-in technology uses auto pixel shift, signal pattern processing function and all white screens to ensure that no images are burned into your plasma panel.

175º viewing angle
With a 175º wide viewing angle, you and your guests will have a perfect view no matter where anyone sits in the room. You'll have the same high-quality picture just as if you were sitting directly in front of the screen.

1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
Contrast and brightness levels achieve new heights in this HDTV. Get a more realistic, sharper picture quality that's sure to catch your eye and watch movies and shows come to life.

ultimate picture quality
Full HD (1080p) contains 1.5 times more scanning lines than conventional HD TVs. That means more pixels, more details and a better picture. A resolution that is approximately twice as much as conventional HD TVs, creates the most perfect picture imaginable.

natural, true color
SAMSUNG plasma HDTVs display natural, true color with 18 bit processing. A new algorithm adjusts color balance and lets you enjoy images that are amazingly realistic.