Sanyo DS24205 Front A/V Remote Control Television

Sanyo Updated: 2007-09-14
Sanyo DS24205 Front A/V Remote Control Television

Sit back and enjoy watching shows or playing your favorite Video Game. Adjust your TV from across the room using the handy Remote Control with video input key. Camcorder and video game console hookup is quick and easy with the front A/V input. Channel setup couldn't be easier, it's automatic. Experience SANYO style and quality.

Remote Control with Input Keys
Change channels, adjust the volume, select the front A/V input and access the menus and all the features from across the room.

Game Mode Picture
You can easily choose the automatic settings for improved picture whenever you play videogames. Simply use the menu system to select this feature.

Audio/Video Connection Package includes
Use the front input jacks to directly connect your video equipment or video games using A/V cables for better quality pictures.

Auto Channel Programming with Nonvolatile Memory
As you first switch-on the TV, this feature will automatically scan through each channel to determine if a signal is being received. This will create a Channel Scan List of all active channels that you can easily access using the CHANNEL up/down keys. The memory for the list of active channels is not affected by any power loss.

Alternate Channel Recall
Quickly return to the last channel you were watching. Use the RECALL key to change between programs or ballgames.

Sleep Timer
If you like to doze by the TV, this feature allows you to program the TV to fall asleep with you. The timer can be adjusted from 30-minutes to 3-hours and the TV will switch off after the set time delay expires.

Reset key for picture and feature adjustments
By pressing the RESET key twice you can clear all adjustments and features, just as the TV was set when it left the factory. The TV will also reprogram all available channels into memory.

Standard Features

* V-Guide feature provides Parental Control using the V-chip technology.
* Closed Captioning Capability with exclusive QuikCap Feature.
* 181-Channel Tuning, Random Access and Scanning keys.
* Trilingual Menu System (English, Spanish and French).
* On-Screen Displays (Channel Number, Volume and Digital Controls).
* Auto Flesh Tone Control
* Auto Shut-off is a safety feature, if signals are not present.

Technical Specifications

* Picture Resolution:260 lines/antenna input;260 lines/video input
* Television System:NTSC
* Antenna Input:75ohm F Type(CATV, VHF, UHF)
* Power:120v AC, 60hz
* Power Consumption:78 Watts
* Size (W x H x D):24.4" x 22.4" x 21.2"
* Weight:60.6 lbs.