Sanyo HT30547 Wide Screen Integrated Digital Standard Definition Television

Sanyo Updated: 2007-09-14
Sanyo HT30547 Wide Screen Integrated Digital Standard Definition Television

SDTV  (Standard Definition Digital TV)
480 horizontal lines of interlaced scanning (480i) provide an exceptionally clean and detailed picture uncluttered by weak signal interference found on analog televisions. Equipped with a combined integrated analog (NTSC) and digital (ATSC) tuner to receive DTV off-air (terrestrial) signals and Clear QAM unscrambled digital cable channels.

An increasing number of TV stations are broadcasting DTV versions of some of their regular programming at the same time as their NTSC broadcasts using different channels assigned to them by the FCC. This unit can receive and decode all 18 ATSC digital television formats. All broadcasters are scheduled to switch to DTV broadcasts by February 2009.

Almost all the digital channels can be received using a UHF antenna. Indoor antennas like rabbit ears or bowtie types should work if you are near the broadcast tower. But you will need a proper outdoor antenna if you are located 30-40 miles from the tower. Antenna height and an unobstructed line of sight affect signal reception. Buildings, steeples, towers and other structures taller than four stories within four blocks of your location can mask or deflect signals.

Wide Screen 16:9 Aspect Ratio Flat Picture
The 16:9 ratio Wide Screen gives the viewer a full picture of movies and broadcasts rather than a normally cropped picture in the 4:3 ratio. The 16:9 format means that you can watch movies the way you would watch them in the theater while the true flat screen reduces the reflections from room lights and windows for outstanding clarity and quality from corner to corner.

Component Video Input (Y-Pb-Pr )
Three component video inputs (green-blue-red) take advantage of DVD players and other devices with component video outputs. Video signal is divided into three separate elements; red (Pr), blue (Pb) and luminance or image brightness (Y). Superior to both composite and S-video because it delivers a quality picture with greater resolution, better color accuracy, and less color bleeding.

Audio/Video Connection Package includes
* One Set of Component Input Jacks
* One S-Video Input Jack
* Two sets of Composite Video Input Jacks (1 Front/1 Rear)
* Two sets of Audio Input (R/L) Jacks (1 Front/1 Rear)
* One set of Analog Audio Output (Fixed-R/L) Jacks
Enjoy a better quality picture and connect more equipment directly to your TV using a variety of A/V Input Jacks. The Component and S-Video Input Jacks are perfect for connecting a DVD player, DSS, or Super-VHS VCR for a sharper picture. Connect a stereo system to the Audio Output Jacks for improved sound.

DTV  Remote with PIX Shape key
This remote control has a video input selection key to allow the user to select an A/V input source without going to the menu. Info, Audio, Caption and Pix Shape keys allow immediate access to these functions and settings.

Picture Shapes
Available options: PIX1, PIX2 and PIX3 will vary depending on the format of the signal received and aspect ratio of that broadcast format.

Pre-set Picture/Sound Selections
Allow you to choose from: Auto or Manual (with Tone Control). On Auto your controls are automatically adjusted to the factory default setting for viewing and listening. Manual adjustments are always possible.

Digital Audio and MTS/SAP Stereo Sound
This improved audio system reproduces a true (right/left) high-fidelity sound with reduced noise interference. A third track allows you to hear instead alternative Secondary Audio Programs (SAP) if available.

Standard Features

* V-Guide feature provides Parental Control using the V-chip technology.
* Channel Recall can be used to quickly change between programs or ballgames.
* Auto Channel Programming with Non-Volatile Channel Memory.
* Closed Captioning Capability with Caption key or Mute key.
* On-Screen Menu Displays (Channel Number, Volume and Digital Controls)
* Color and Feature Reset. Clear all the adjustments and reprogram channels.
* Sleep Timer (30-180 min). The TV will switch off after you fall asleep.

Technical Specifications

* Digital Scanning Display Format: 480i  (all RF signals converted to 480i display)
* Television System: NTSC, ATSC & Clear QAM
* RF Antenna Input: Analog / Digital - 75 ohm
* Audio Video Input Jacks
Video 1: Front
Composite Video and Audio (R/L)
Video 2: Rear
1-Component (Y,Pb,Pr) Video, 1-S-Video, 1-Composite Video
1-Audio (R/L) shared
* Audio Output Jacks: 1-Analog (R/L) fixed
* Power: 120v AC, 60hz
* Power Consumption: 97 Watts
* Size (W x H x D): 34.6" x 22.6" x 21.6"
* Weight: 114.2 lbs.