Sony KDL-46VE5 Bravia Eco HDTV

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Sony KDL-46VE5 Bravia Eco HDTV

Go green without sacrificing picture quality. Combining energy-saving features with quality picture performance, BRAVIA VE5 Eco Series HDTVs make other televisions green with envy. The 46" VE5 boasts a high-efficiency HCFL backlight which provides outstanding image quality while exceeding ENERGY STAR 3.0 requirements by over 55% in Home Mode. An integrated Presence Sensor detects if you’ve stepped away from your TV for awhile and shuts the picture off. A built-in LightSensor feature automatically adjusts to your room’s ambient light and lowers the brightness of the TV’s backlight to conserve energy. Plus, enjoy Full HD 1080p picture quality and smooth motion with Motionflow 120Hz refresh rate technology.

16:9 Full HD 1080p Resolution Panel (1920x1080)
16:9 Full HD 1080p resolution panel (1920 x 1080) accepts any HDTV signal and renders it with optimum resolution, so you can take full advantage of Blu-ray Disc players and Sony PlayStation3 entertainment systems that can deliver 1080p content (all sold separately).

Dynamic contrast
Dynamic contrast involves real-time image processing that results in deep blacks in darker scenes, as well as fine details in shadows and other dark areas of the picture for a difference you can truly see.

LightSensor technology
An integrated light sensor gauges the ambient light in the room and raises or lowers the brightness of the HDTV’s backlight based on room lighting conditions. Dim the lights to watch a movie, and the light sensor also dims the backlight, reducing unnecessary power consumption even further.

BRAVIA Sync capable
BRAVIA Sync capability combines the one-touch access and control functionality of BRAVIA Theatre Sync with the ability to control CEC-enabled Sony Handycam camcorders and Cyber-shot digital still cameras using the HDTV’s remote and an on-screen display via an HDMI connection.

BRAVIA Link compatibility
BRAVIA Link compatibility expands your HDTV’s capabilities by letting you connect optional BRAVIA Link modules, including the BRAVIA DVD Link, BRAVIA Wireless Link, and BRAVIA Input Link (all sold separately).

ATSC/NTSC tuner with QAM
A built-in ATSC/NTSC tuner with QAM delivers over-the-air digital TV and unencrypted HDTV broadcast signals, as well as traditional analog TV broadcasts.

High-efficiency HCFL backlight
The 46-inch diagonal VE5 HDTV features an HCFL (Hot Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) backlight, which uses specialized components to provide optimum brightness as soon as you turn on the HDTV and to reduce power consumption by up to 55% from Energy Star 3.0 requirements. In fact, the KDL-46E5 consumes only about 105 watts – as little as an incandescent light bulb.

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