Toshiba 13A23 Color Television

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Toshiba 13A23 Color Television

Blackstripe II™ Picture Tube
All picture tubes have a shadow mask behind the glass that helps create the picture. Blackstripe II™ Picture Tubes utilize a special compound in the shadow mask to absorb unnecessary light emissions. And to reduce reflection, tinting is built into the glass—not sprayed on as it is by some manufacturers—when the cathode ray tube is being created. Together, these improvements provide increased contrast and an 18% increase in brightness over standard tubes. This year, Toshiba puts Blackstripe II™ Picture Tubes in all of its 13"– 27" Color Televisions.

Front Firing Speaker System
These front-firing speakers deliver the best stereo sound by keeping the sonic image widely separated within the cabinet.

V-Chip Parental Control System
Parents can easily limit the types of the programs their children are watching.

180 Minute Off Timer
Permits user to program television to turn itself off. Programmable 10 minute intervals to 180 minutes.

Channel Lock
Keeps children from viewing channels you feel are inappropriate.

Front Panel A/V Inputs
For easy connection of video games or a camcorder.

Headphone Jack (1)
This feature allows customers to have a private viewing experience. It is particularly useful on AC/DC models, which are usually used in automobiles and other confined spaces.

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