Toshiba 26HF84 FST PURE Television

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Toshiba 26HF84 FST PURE Television

16:9 FST PURE® Flat Picture Tube
Due to its flat design, viewing angle and picture linearity are greatly improved over traditional tube designs, delivering the most accurate, life-like images possible.

Wide Band Video Amplifier
Increased picture sharpness and detail.

DFine™/Adjustable DFine™ Hi-Speed Velocity Scan Modulation
Velocity Scan Modulation (VSM) creates sharp well-defined edges on black to white transitions by adjusting the scanning speed or the electron beam. The DFine™ feature increases the scanning speed for even greater detail. With Adjustable DFine™, the usercan choose betweem High, Low and Off settings.

CrystalScan HDSC™
CrystalScan HDSC™ uses the full high definition display capability of the television to create the sharpest, most realistic picture possible from every source.

3D Y/C Comb Filter
Eliminates most video noise normally seen in RF and composite video signals.

Invar Shadow Mask
Definition: Most picture tubes use standard shadow masks made of steel, which can expand under intense heat. Expansion of the shadow mask causes picture discoloration, often called "doming." But Invar shadow masks are made of a compound of iron and nickel, rendering them extremely heat-resistant. This high thermal tolerance eliminates doming and allows the tube to operate at a higher voltage, producing brighter whites, higher contrast, and purer colors.

A more enveloping sound with enhanced bass and better dialog reproduction.

ColorStream® HD High-Resolution Component Video Inputs
The best analog connection for high-resolution component video sources.

HDMI™ (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)
This single cable connection ensures that all signals remain in their pure digital form and secure by use of High Definition Copy Protection (HDCP) regardless of signal output resolution.
S-Video Input
RF Input
A/V Inputs - Rear (2)
Front Panel A/V/S Inputs
Video Output
Audio Output (Fixed)

Weights and Dimensions
Weight: 79 lbs.
Dimensions: 27 1/2" x 19 3/4" x 19 1/2" (WxHxD)
Weight With Packaging: 91 lbs.
Dimensions With Packaging: 33" x 24 7/16" x 23 7/8" (WxHxD)

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