Toshiba 26LV67 Diagonal REGZA LCDVD TV

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-05
Toshiba 26LV67 Diagonal REGZA LCDVD TV

Built-In Slot Loading DVD player with internal up-converting
Definition: LCDVD is a flat panel LCD TV with a built-in DVD player. Incorporating the DVD player inside the TV eliminates extra wires and remotes for the ultimate convenience.

PixelPure 3G™14-Bit Internal Digital Video Processing
Benefit: This advanced third-generation digital video processing system is capable of producing 4,096 levels of gradation for a smooth, natural-looking picture without image banding.

DynaLight™ Dynamic Back Light Control
Benefit: DynaLight™ monitors the brightness level of each video frame, and automatically adjusts the backlight intensity based on the image content. Precise signal analysis affords 256 levels of backlight intensity. This creates dynamic contrast up to 5X that of the original panel contrast, resulting in a deeper black level that increases detail and depth, even in low light environments.

CineSpeed™ LCD Panel
Definition: CineSpeed™ LCD panels have the 8ms or faster response speed necessary for cleaner high-action home theater images. A wide viewing angle ensures that you’ll have the best seat in the house.

ATSC/NTSC & QAM Digital Television Tuners
Definition: ATSC is the 8VSB (8-level Vestigial Sideband Modulation) system. This is the digital TV broadcast system chosen by the ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) for broadcast TV in the USA. QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) is the digital TV system chosen by the U.S. Cable TV companies for use over digital cable. Toshiba integrated digital TVs have both ATSC and QAM digital tuning capability so that you can receive terrestrial digital broadcasts as well as digital “cable-in-the-clear” broadcasts.

SoundStrip Speaker System™
Definition: This new speaker technology utilizes a thin-line speaker design with enhanced dynamic range. This eliminates the big round speakers, without losing any of the big home theater sound.

Benefit: Eliminates the annoyance of normal program volume being followed immediately by extremely loud commercial messages or drastic volume fluctuations while changing channels.

SRS® WOW™ (3D, Tru-bass, Focus)
Definition: SRS® WOW™ technology takes the performance of the television’s existing speakers to a whole new level, offering superior sound quality with no additional speakers required. SRS WOW consists of three separate sound-expanding systems which work together to extract “buried” highs and lows. The three systems are SRS 3D, TruBass, and FOCUS. SRS 3D creates a three-dimensional sound field from just two speakers, thus giving the listener the feeling of hearing a multi-speaker surround sound system.

Gloss Black Cabinetry
Benefit: New gloss black cosmetics complement the set and incorporate the slim SoundStrip™ speaker system, for rich full sound from a compact cabinet.

Channel Browser
Definition: With Channel Browser, you can easily scan through the last 32 channels you have viewed, with screen images for the last five channels displayed, by channel, by favorites, and by input, at the touch of a button.

Favorite Browser
Definition: Within the Channel Browser™ previews of you preset Favorite Channels can be viewed via thumbails along the bottom of the screen

Built-In Slot Loading DVD player with internal up-converting, PixelPure 3G™14-Bit Internal Digital Video Processing, DynaLight™ Dynamic Back Light Control, CineSpeed™ LCD Panel, ATSC/NTSC & QAM Digital Television Tuners, Panel Resolution: 1366 x 768, TheaterWide® Modes 6 (inc. Native Mode)

SoundStrip Speaker System™, StableSound®, Dolby® Digital Dynamic Range Control, SRS® WOW™ (3D, Tru-bass, Focus), Convenience, Gloss Black Cabinetry, 4-Item Universal Remote*, Channel Browser™, Favorite Browser™

HDMI™ Inputs (3), HDMI™ (1080p), HDMI Lip Sync Support, HDMI Input PC Support VGA/480i/480p/720p/1080i/1080p, ColorStream® HD Component Video Inputs (2), 15 Pin D-Sub PC Input