Toshiba 27DF47 Diagonal FST PURE SD Color Television

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-05
Toshiba 27DF47 Diagonal FST PURE SD Color Television

ATSC/NTSC & QAM Digital Television Tuners: ATSC is the 8VSB (8-level Vestigial Sideband Modulation) system. This is the digital TV broadcast system chosen by the ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) for broadcast TV in the USA. QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) is the digital TV system chosen by the U.S. Cable TV companies for use over digital cable. Toshiba integrated digital TVs have both ATSC and QAM digital tuning capability so that you can receive terrestrial digital broadcasts as well as digital “cable-in-the-clear” broadcasts.

FST PURE® Picture Tube: Due to its flat design, viewing angle and picture linearity are greatly improved over traditional tube designs, delivering the most accurate, life-like images possible.

3-Line Digital Comb Filter: Chrominance and Luminance signals are converted to a digital medium prior to separation and 2H delay. This process provides enhanced color purity and reduced dot crawl. Vertical and diagonal correction performed in a digital medium provides highly accurate Chrominance and Luminance signal separation.

Advanced Velocity Scan Modulation: Improves contrast and overall picture sharpness.

MTS Stereo/SAP with dbx®: Full broadcast stereo sound quality, plus access to bilingual or secondary audio signals.

Double Baffle Stereo Speaker System: Provides improved stereo sound reproduction without connection additional speakers.

Sleep Timer: Allows the viewer to set the television to shut off after a preset amount of time.

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