Toshiba 32AF45 FST PURE Color Television

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Toshiba 32AF45 FST PURE Color Television

Advanced Velocity Scan Modulation
Improves contrast and overall picture sharpness.

3-line Digital Comb Filter with Vertical Contour Correction
Sharp, clean picture quality from RF and composite video signals.

Black Level Expander
Improved contrast makes picture appear sharper and more three-dimensional.

Double Baffle Stereo Speaker System
Provides improved stereo sound reproduction without connection additional speakers.

BBE® Sound
The BBE® sound enhancement circuitry is designed to enhance the mid to high frequencies to create clear crisp dialogue from the TV's internal speakers.

Four-Item glow Universal Remote with DVD Control
For easy operation in a dark living room or home theater environment, Toshiba's ergonomically designed Universal Remote comes with glow Buttons. As an additional convenience, these remotes are pre-programmed to operate all functions of the TV and key functions of most Cable Boxes, VCRs and DVD players.

Sleep Timer
Allows the viewer to set the television to shut off after a preset amount of time.

ColorStream® Component Video Inputs
Ultimate picture quality from interlaced component video signals.

Front Panel A/V/S Inputs
For easy connection of video games or a camcorders

Weights and Dimensions
Weight: 147 lbs.
Dimensions: 34-1/2" x 26-1/2" x 22-5/8" (WxHxD)

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