Toshiba 32AF62 Flat Television

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Toshiba 32AF62 Flat Television

Black Level Expander
Improved contrast makes picture appear sharper and more three-dimensional.

FST PURE® Picture Tube
Due to its flat design, viewing angle and picture linearity are greatly improved over traditional tube designs, delivering the most accurate, life-like images possible.

Double Baffle Stereo Speaker System
Provides improved stereo sound reproduction without connection additional speakers.

Surround Sound
Makes the viewer feel more like they are part of the on-screen action.

Sub Bass System (SBS)
Richer, deeper home theater sound.

Closed Captioning on Mute
Without ever accessing the Caption menu, the viewer can mute the volume and take a phone call while following the captions on-screen.

Movie and Sports Modes
Instant adjustments for optimum viewing of popular types of programming.

Video Lock
Prevents viewing of sources connected to selected inputs.

Direct Video Input Selection
Inputs can now be directly selected from the remote's numbered keypad without scrolling through all the inputs.

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