Toshiba 40RF350U Super Narrow Bezel LCD TV

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Toshiba 40RF350U Super Narrow Bezel LCD TV

Beautifully-designed 40" Screen Size (measured diagonally)
Super Narrow Bezel Design (under 1" wide) fits into spaces that formerly fit our 37" screen size.

High 10-Bit LCD Panel
Toshiba's new 10-bit LCD provides 64 times more colors than a standard 8-bit panel, offering smoother transitions between color changes and during subtle shade transitions.

The new xvYCC color standard provides 1.8 times more color than existing HDTV signals.

1080p Full HD Display
With Full HD, there's no need to scale down a 1080 signal. With twice the pixel resolution of 720p HD models, Full HD creates the pinnacle in picture quality.

PixelPure® 3G 14-Bit Internal Digital Video Processing
Superior processing creates a superior picture, and REGZA LCD TVs with PixelPure® 3G set themselves apart with incredibly deep, sharp, and natural images, for home theater beyond your imagination.

DynaLight™ Back-Light Control
Creates superior black for deeper, more lifelike images, even in low light environments.

3 HDMI™ with CE-Link
3 HDMI™ with CE-Link allows simplified two-way control between the TV and compatible source devices,

Beautifully-designed 40” Screen Size (measured diagonally)
High 10-Bit LCD Panel
1080p Full HD Display
PixelPure® 3G 14-Bit Internal Digital Video Processing
DynaLight™ Back-Light Control
ColorBurst™ Wide Color Gamut CCFL
CineSpeed™ LCD Panel
Native Mode™
6 TheaterWide® Modes (including Native Mode)
Auto Aspect Detection
ColorMaster™ Color Control
Color Temperature Control (Cool, Med, Warm)
Blue & Green Drive Adjustment
Dynamic Noise Reduction for all inputs (except PC)

SoundStrip® 2 Speaker System
Dolby® Digital (AC3)
Dolby® Digital Dynamic Range Control
20W Total Wattage
Two-level Mute (Half Mute/Full Mute)

High Gloss Black Bezel with Chrome Trim
Blue LED Display
ATSC/NTSC/QAM Digital Tuner
4-Item Universal Remote
Channel Browser™ and Favorite Browser™
Game Mode
Channel Labeling, Input Labeling
Sleep Timer/GameTimer®
Built-In Discrete IR Codes
Picture Freeze

3 HDMI™ with CE-Link
1080p 60/24Hz HDMI Input Support
HDMI Lip Sync Support
VGA/480i/480p/720p/1080i/1080p HDMI Input PC Support
PC Input Support (WXGA, SXGA)
2 ColorStream® HD Component Video Inputs
1 Side AV Input
1 Rear S+AV Input
1 RF Input
Theaterlink® IR Pass Through
1 Fixed Audio Out
1 Optical Audio Out
1 Service Port

Weights and Dimensions
Dimensions: 934 x 578 x 130mm (WxHxD)
Dimensions With Stand: 934 x 632 x 302mm (WxHxD)

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