Toshiba 53HX71 Diagonal Projection Television

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-09
Toshiba 53HX71 Diagonal Projection Television

IDSC™ Pro: A sharp, smooth, film-like image without unwanted noise and artifacts caused by other scan conversion systems.

TheaterShield™ AR: Screen protection, improved contrast and fewer distracting reflections.

SRS® WOW™: A more enveloping sound with enhanced bass and better dialog reproduction.

Separate Woofers and Tweeters: Select Cinema Series® televisions now include separate woofers and tweeters that provide more accurate full range sound using only the television's built-in speakers.

TouchFocus®: Toshiba TouchFocus® produces sharper, more accurate focus from corner to corner every time, and makes it easier than ever for a consumer to converge a set at home.

Video, IDSC™ Pro, PowerFocus™ HCF Lenses, PowerFocus™ HD plus CRTs, Cinema Mode (3:2 Pulldown), 3D Y/C Comb Filter, TheaterBright™ HD Screen, TheaterShield™ AR, Dynamic Contrast, Ambient Light Sensor, Multi-Window Dual-Tuner Picture-in-Picture (PIP), Audio, Separate Woofers and Tweeters, SRS® WOW™, Convenience, TouchFocus®, Illuminated A/V Universal Remote Control, Direct Video Input Selection, Individual A/V Settings by Input Type, Jackpacks, ColorStream® HD Component Video Inputs, Digital Versatile Disc (DVD), Weights and Dimensions, Weight: 240 lbs., Dimensions: 44 7/8" x 53 5/16" x 22 3/4" (WxHxD), General, UPC: 022265261422, Documents, Printable Spec Sheet (118 KB PDF), Owner's Manual - English (4.8 MB PDF)