Toshiba 62HMX84 HD DLP Projection TV

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Toshiba 62HMX84 HD DLP Projection TV

Toshiba Advanced Light Engine is proprietary light engine technology, designed and built by Toshiba, for Toshiba. TALEN™ utilizes advanced optics, and step-up TI HD2+ DLP™ Chip, to create Toshiba's outstanding picture quality.

HD2+ DLP™ Chip
TI HD2+ DMD DLP™ chip offers a significantly cleaner image by filling in the small indentations (Via's) in the mirrors resulting in an impressive color corrected contrast ratio.

PixelPure® is the key to Toshiba's fixed picture quality, as it is the processing that makes the picture.

Radiance™ Lamp
Toshiba DLP™ Projection TVs utilize a 120-Watt DC lamp. In addition to exceptional light purity and reduced flicker, this lamp also has two user-friendly features. High Brightness and Low Power Modes allow the user to choose 120-Watt Mode for daytime with ambient room light, and 100-Watt Mode for nighttime in a dark room, to extend the lamp life. This lamp also has the unique Instant Restart feature, allowing the TV to be turned on immediately after shutdown, unlike other lamp-based TVs.

TheaterFine™ DFP Screen
Toshiba DLP™ Projection TVs utilize a Digital Fine Pitch Screen. This screen helps create crisp HD resolution with its super fine screen pitch. It also has an Anti-Glare Coating to reduce unwanted reflections from ambient room light, which helps increase contrast for deeper blacks.

CableClear™ DNR+
CableClear™ utilizes the Digital 3D/YC Comb Filter to compare frames and determine the existence and extent of video noise. It then applies the needed amount of digital video noise reduction, and the appropriate sharpness adjustment to keep the picture clear. This feature now works on RF, composite and S-Video inputs, and can be selected by input.

Eliminates the annoyance of normal program volume being followed immediately by extremely loud commercial messages or drastic volume fluctuations while changing channels.

A more enveloping sound with enhanced bass and better dialog reproduction.

Virtual Dolby® Digital
Virtual Dolby® Digital recreates the ambience of a multichannel listening field from two speakers. This requires a 5.1 encoded source (such as DVDs or HDTV sound) to enjoy.

Separate Woofers and Tweeters
Select Cinema Series® televisions now include separate woofers and tweeters that provide more accurate full range sound using only the television's built-in speakers.

6-Item A/V Illuminated Remote with DVD and Audio Control
This ergonomically designed remote puts all the"most needed" functions in reach of your thumb, making operation a snap, and because it's illuminated, it's great for operating in a darkened home theater environment. The remote comes preprogrammed to operate up to six home theater components, including a TV, DVD player, VCR, Cable Box, and two other video or audio components.

HD Window™ POP
HD Window POP (picture on picture) is a versatile and convenient feature for the age of HD as it lets the user watch two programs simultaneously, even HD sources.

Tri-Lingual On-screen Display
Allows viewers to read menu selections in three different languages (English, French, and Spanish) to ensure user-friendly programming.

Sleep Timer
Allows the viewer to set the television to shut off after a preset amount of time.

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