Toshiba MD20FM3 Combination TV/DVD Television

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Toshiba MD20FM3 Combination TV/DVD Television

181 Frequency Synthesized Tuner
Provides access to all channels on unscrambled cable systems.

Front Firing Speaker System
These front-firing speakers deliver the best stereo sound by keeping the sonic image widely separated within the cabinet.

360 Minute Off Timer
Permits user to program television to turn itself off. Programmable 10 minute intervals to 360 minutes.

Bilingual OSD (On-Screen Display)
Allows viewer to read menu in two different languages (English and Spanish) to ensure user-friendly programming.

Auto Repeat (DVD)
DVD will restart and begin play after initial play is complete.

Auto Play (DVD)
DVD Play automatically begins when DVD is placed in the machine.

V-Chip Parental Control System
Parents can easily limit the types of the programs their children are watching.

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