Toshiba MW24FP1 Diagonal FST PURE TV/DVD/VCR Combination

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-07
Toshiba MW24FP1 Diagonal FST PURE TV/DVD/VCR Combination

JPEG Viewer: Enables the display of digital photographs captured in the JPEG format. Simply load the CD with your favorite photos and create custom slide shows with a few simple clicks of the player's remote control.

4-Head/19-Micron System: Offers superior slow motion effects over conventional 2 head VCR designs. Toshiba's 19-Micron Heads match precisely the width of the SP and EP azimuths and read only the signal recorded on each azimuth (not adjoining tracks). The benefit is significantly enhanced SLP and EP performance so good, it rivals the quality of tapes recorded in the SP Mode.

FST PURE® Picture Tube: Due to its flat design, viewing angle and picture linearity are greatly improved over traditional tube designs, delivering the most accurate, life-like images possible.

VHS Hi-Fi Stereo: Delivers the highest quality stereo sound from tapes recorded with a high fidelity soundtrack. This provides the ability for the internal Dolby® ProLogic II surround sound decoder to reproduce the surround sound content encoded on the tapes.

Double Baffle Stereo Speaker System: Provides improved stereo sound reproduction without connection additional speakers.

StableSound: Eliminates the annoyance of normal program volume being followed immediately by extremely loud commercial messages or drastic volume fluctuations while changing channels.

WMA & MP3 Playback: Play recordable Compact Discs (CD-R & CD-RW) with music stored in either the Windows Media™ Audio or MP3 file formats can be enjoyed.

4 Picture Preference Modes: Includes preset picture settings tailored for various programs and allows quick adjustments at the touch of a button. Instead of accessing Brightness, Contrast, Color, or Tint each time you switch from a movie to a sporting event, use the preset Picture Preference Modes (Standard, Sports, Movie, Memory) to change the quality of the picture without all the fuss. The Memory Mode allows you to customize your own settings and save them into the television's memory.

Commercial Skip: After a program has been recorded, pressing the SKIP button once during playback will automatically advance the tape 30-seconds forward bypassing recorded commercials. Pressing the skip button on the remote again will advance the recorded tape for another 30-seconds for a total of 60-seconds (30 sec x 6 Maximum).

Video, JPEG Viewer, 3-Line Digital Comb Filter, 4-Head/19-Micron System, 24" Diagonal FST PURE® Flat Tube Design, Audio, WMA & MP3 Playback, Coaxial Dolby® Digital and DTS® Surround Sound Output, VHS Hi-Fi Stereo, MTS Stereo/SAP with dbx®, Double Baffle Stereo Speaker System, StableSound®, Convenience, Auto Power Off, Auto Channel Memory, Sleep Timer, Closed Captioning, Disc Quantity: 1, Disc Play: DVD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW/VCD/DVD-R/DVD-RW, Fast Scan, Slow Motion, Slow Motion: Forward and Reverse - 1/16, 1/4, 1/2, Channel Lock, Tray Lock, Multi-Camera Angle Select, Multi-Language Select, Multi-Subtitle Select, Commercial Skip for VCR, Auto Clock Set for VCR, 8 Event/1 Month Programming, One-Touch Record, Auto Tracking, Auto Head Cleaner, Auto Play, Tri-Lingual On-screen Display, V-Chip Parental Control System, Glow DVD/VCR/TV Remote, Record Speeds: SP/SLP, Icon TV/VCR Menu, Text DVD, 4 Picture Preference Modes, 181 Channel NTSC Tuner, Stereo TV, Jackpacks, RCA Video Inputs - Front (1), L-R Audio Inputs - Rear (1), L-R Audio Input - Front (1), Coaxial Digital Audio Outputs - Rear (1), RCA Video Inputs - Rear (1), Weights and Dimensions, Weight: 79 lbs., Dimensions: 25.79" x 22.83" x 18.60" (WxHxD), Weight With Packaging: 88 lbs., Dimensions With Packaging: 29.84" x 27.24" x 22.36" (WxHxD), General, UPC: 022265271032