Vizio VUR5 Remote Control

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Vizio VUR5 Remote Control

The VIZIO Universal Back-lit Remote Control VUR5, is designed to work with all* VIZIO flat panel televisions, as well as most of your existing components such as DVD players, cable boxes, personal video recorders, etc.  This remote control is also back-lit so you can control your televisions in dark environments. (*can be programmed for limited operation of the VIZIO L6, L13, L13e, L20, L30WGU and P42 - version with speakers on the sides)

General Specifications:

Control up to 4 specific home theater components
Preprogrammed technology for easy setup
2x AA Batteries
Backlight; activates with button pressed

Dimensions: 2" (Wide) x 1.5" (Thick) x 7.5" (Long)