Kenwood TK-2160/3160 VHF/UHF Ultra Compact Portable Radio

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Kenwood TK-2160/3160 VHF/UHF Ultra Compact Portable Radio

Kenwood's compact mid-tier non-display portable line offers full-featured simplicity for the volunteer public safety, public service, government, industrial and job site users in a rugged 16 channel platform. Inversion scrambling for first level voice security is included. FleetSync features such as PTT ID, Emergency and Selective Call permit integration into large FleetSync dispatched systems or simple supervisor-only managed fleets. FleetSync, DTMF or Two-Tone Selective Call provides built-in talkback paging capability.

General Features

* 5W VHF / 4W UHF Transmit Power
* Wide Band Frequencies
* 12.5 / 25 KHz Channel Spacing
* Single Priority or Normal Scan
* Scan Revert Channel
* Scan Delete/Add (fpu fixed)
* Scan Temporary Delete (nuisance delete)
* PTT ID Side-Tone (FleetSync® & DTMF ANI)
* Emergency Type (FleetSync® Status & DTMC Emergency ANI)
* Voice Inversion Scrambler Built-In
* Instrisically Safe Option
* FleetSync®

Other Features

* MIL810 C, D, E, & F (11 Categories) - includes "blowing rain"
* IP54/55 dust, waterspray & water jet protected
* Enlish/Spanish Language Programming Screen Setup
* 2-Tone Decode (3 decode pairs assignable per channel
* 2-Tone Encode (1 tone pair)
* QT/DQT Encode & Decode
* DMF Decode Selective Call
* DTMF Stun (deadbeat disable)
* DTMF PTT ID & DTMF Emergency ID

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