Kenwood TK-3230XLS ProTalk Two-Way Radio

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Kenwood TK-3230XLS ProTalk Two-Way Radio

Kenwood's ProTalk® TK-3230K two-way business radio is specially designed for demanding use with clear communications in a small compact size -- The radio of choice for restaurants, hotels, retails stores and much more…

General Features

* 1.5 Watts UHF
* Compact, Durable Design (5.5oz)
* Li-Ion Battery offering 14 hrs of Operation (18 hrs – Save On)
* Fast 2.5 Hour Charger
* 2 Channel UHF Model
* 56 Programmable Pre-stored Frequencies
* 39 QT/83 DQT Encode/Decode
* FleetSync PTT ID Digital ANI and SelCall
* Wireless Cloning
* Super Lock
* Time Out Timer
* Enhanced Kenwood Audio
* 4-digit 7-segment LCD with backlight
* Scan Function
* Privacy Talk®
* Tone Alert, Key Lock, Battery Save, Low Battery Alert
* VOX Ready
* STD 810 C,D,E & F MIL Standards
* Select from 10 Call Alert Tones
* Two Year Warranty

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