Kenwood TK-5400 800 MHz Digital P25/FM Portable Radio

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Kenwood TK-5400 800 MHz Digital P25/FM Portable Radio

Built on Kenwood's classic high specification and heavy-duty portable platform, the TK-5400 offers FM and P25 digital operation for present and future interoperability requirements for law enforcement, fire and emergency services. The extra large capacity and Zone programming facilitate departmental, inter-agency interoperability, mutual aid and tactical channel organization.. Encryption /ANI control permits basic to high level voice security and dispatch functions satisfying homeland security and confidentiality requirements. Emergency Call and Man-Down for hazardous environment and jail/corrections personnel is supported for P25, FleetSync and MDC-1200/G-Star options.

General Features

* 3W (806-870 MHz)
* 16 Zones / 512 Channels
* Conventional FM / Conventional & Trunked P25 Digital
* Personality Lists
* Top Mounted LCD
* 7-Character Alphanumeric Aliases
* 2-Digit Numeric Sub-Display
* Function / Status LCD Icons
* Transmit / Busy / Call Alert / Warn LED
* 5 PF Keys
* 12-Key DTMF keypad models
* VOX Ready
* Dual Priority Scan
* Limited Talk Group Scan
* Priority Monitor Scan
* Scan Lists


* QT / DQT
* Operator Selectable Tone
* DTMF Encode
* Companded Audio

P25 Digital

* P25 Digital/Conventional
* P25 Digital Trunking (included)
* Talk Group ID Lists
* Individual ID Lists
* Caller ID Display
* DES 16-Key Encryption Option
* Emergency Call Features
* Emergency Man-Down Option
* Encryption Key Delete

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