Motorola CP185 Portable Two-Way Radio

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Motorola CP185 Portable Two-Way Radio

Ideal for educational institutions, retail and hospitality businesses, service and manufacturing industries and many other demanding, professional applications, the Motorola CP185™ brings you a robust two-way radio solution. The CP185 has an extensive feature set including built-in voice scrambling for increased privacy, VOX capability for hands-free communication, 5 programmable buttons and X-Pand™ Technology to provide crisp, clear and strong audio quality even in noisy environments. Combined with the compact, lightweight design of the CP185, you get just what it takes to enhance communication while increasing productivity.


4/5 Watt: Yes
Adjustable power levels: Yes
Battery life (based on a 5/5/90 duty cycle): up to 10 hours
Frequency band: VHF, UHF
Power: 4W (UHF) / 5W (VHF)
Standard battery chemistry type: Lithium Ion


CPS (Customer Programming Software): Yes
Channel scan: Yes
Channel spacing: 12.5, 25
Front panel programmable: Yes
Monitor/Permanent (Sticky) Monitor: Yes
Number of channels: 16
Programmable buttons: Yes
Scan types: Nuisance channel delete
Talkaround: Yes
Voice operated transmit (VOX): Yes
X-pand voice compression and low level expansion: Yes

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