Belkin AP30800fc10-BLK PureAV Home Theater Battery Backup UPS

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Belkin AP30800fc10-BLK PureAV Home Theater Battery Backup UPS

Modern home theater components contain microprocessors, hard drives, and delicate circuitry that can be easily and irreversibly damaged by blackouts and large power fluctuations. The PureAV Battery Backup maintains constant power delivery to your components ensuring that the memory, settings, and recordings on all of your equipment will be saved in the event of a blackout, brownout, or other large-or small-voltage fluctuations.

Over time small voltage fluctuations can cause damage to sensitive home theater equipment. Most battery backup units switch to battery backup mode only if a power outage occurs. This leaves your home theater unprotected from constant voltage sags and surges that can damage your equipment. For this reason, the PureAV Battery Backup employs Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) Technology to maintain voltage at a constant level without the use of the battery. PureAV's AVR Technology constantly corrects for small voltage fluctuations to provide stable, clean power to all of your equipment. If a power outage occurs, the PureAV Battery Backup switches to battery backup mode until power is restored.

Unrivaled quality and proven technology combined with elegant, simple styling are the hallmarks of the PureAV Battery Backup. The PureAV Battery Backup adds a sleek accent, whether placed alongside your home theater equipment or mounted in a professional AV equipment rack, and provides you with optimal control and protection of your AV components.

# Uses a 1200VA/640W battery to provide up to 40 minutes of battery backup power and ensure that memory, settings, or recordings are not lost during power outages
# Maximizes performance with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) Technology, which stabilizes power fluctuations and maintains constant voltage to your home theater system
# Prevents electromagnetic and radio frequency interference from affecting your home theater system
# Delivers clean power through 8 surge-protected outlets, 6 with battery backup
# Protects with 5500J of surge protection
# Includes 10 ft. power cord
# Offers rack-mountable convenience with included hardware
# Protects from coaxial-cable line disturbances
# Comes with a 3-Year Product Warranty
# Includes a $500,000 Connected Equipment Warranty