Belkin AP51300fc10-BLK PureAV Hybrid AVU1500 UPS

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Belkin AP51300fc10-BLK PureAV Hybrid AVU1500 UPS

The PureAV Hybrid AVU1500 UPS with PureFilter Technology is a perfect solution for safeguarding the recordings and settings on your personal video recorder, satellite receiver, or any other home theater component that may need backup power. Unlike other UPS battery-backup products on the market, the AVU1500 features unique PureFilter Technology to provide complete power conditioning and protection and ensure top performance of all your audio video equipment.

Many types of power disturbances can affect your home theater experience. Power surges and AC power-line "noise" are common household occurrences that can damage your expensive audio video equipment and reduce the quality of your sound and picture. Also, as the population grows and the demand for power increases, power brownouts and blackouts are becoming more common. These sudden power losses can cause the loss of system settings and digital recordings. More importantly, sudden power loss leads to improper equipment shutdown, which ultimately results in damage to your valuable equipment.

Most "power conditioners" on the market today offer minimal surge protection and remove some of the "noise" that is common in household power lines, but do nothing to compensate for a temporary or total loss of power.

That's why Belkin is introducing the PureAV Hybrid AVU1500 UPS with PureFilter Technology. The Hybrid AVU1500 UPS combines PureAV's unique PureFilter Technology with the power of a 1500VA, 1000-watt battery-backup unit to clean, protect, distribute, and provide backup power to your entire system.

* Level 4 power protection
* Uninterruptible Power Supply provides backup power to DVRs, Media Center PCs, or any other devices for which you want to preserve system settings
* Automatic Voltage Regulation maintains constant voltage by increasing low voltage and decreasing high voltage without the aid of the battery
* Unique IR Blaster allows projectors or projection TVs to cool their lamps, preventing damage from excessive heat before shutting down
* SmartStageTM Shutdown Technology shuts down your equipment in stages, prolonging battery life and reserving power for the most critical devices
* Phase 6 PureFilter™ Circuitry with isolated digital, video, audio, and HiCurrent™ filters
* Programmable outlet banks allow you to set switched and delay functionality for each outlet bank
* Central LCD control panel allows you to monitor voltage and current from individual outlet banks
* Advanced Overvoltage Protection
* 2 HiCurrent™ outlets for high-power amplifiers
* 13 Outlets including convenient front auxiliary outlet
* Network Protection (RJ45) for media streamer support
* 8,000 Joules of surge protection
* $500,000 Connected Equipment Warranty
* 3-Year Product Warranty