Belkin F6C550-AVR Battery Backup UPS

Belkin Updated: 2008-10-04 RSS
Belkin F6C550-AVR Battery Backup UPS

The 550VA Office Series UPS offers protection for your computer against blackouts and brownouts. It features 4 battery backup outlets with surge protection and 4 surge only outlets.

Supports USB connectivity, and comes with a $75,000 Connected Equipment Warranty and a Data Recovery Warranty.

With a capacity of 330 watts this unit is geared towards entry level computers and home electronics. The Home Series also features easy to replace batteries for extended product life.

* USB port for fast Plug & Play connectivity
* Included Power Management Software
* 3-Year Product Warranty
* $75,000 Connected Equipment Warranty
* Data Recovery Warranty
* 8 surge protected outlets, 4 with battery backup
* 890 Joules
* 330 Watt Capacity
* Easy access battery replacement door
* 28 Minutes of backup time
* Automatic Voltage Regulation for line conditioning and protection against brownouts
* 1-In 2-Out RJ11 Telephone/Fax Surge Protection