Toshiba 1000 Series UPS

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-15
Toshiba 1000 Series UPS

1000 Series is a single phase UPS, available in 1.0kVA, 1.5kVA, 2.0kVA & 3.0kVA. This series offers both the tower and the rack mount design solutions. As a double conversion on-line UPS, it is able to supply uninterrupted, clean single-phase power to your critical system.

Auto-Restart and Cold Start
Programmable Load Shed Receptacle
Intelligent Charger with Rapid Charge in only 4.0 hours to 90%
Wide Input Voltage Window
Wide Input Frequency Window for Complete Generator Compatibility
Input Power Factor greater than 0.97
Output Power Factor 0.70
LCD Display in Multiple Language
Optional Network Interface Card - RemotEye II
Optional Environmental Monitoring Device

Industrial Systems, Health Care, Laboratories, Small Business Offices, Point-of Sale Equipment, Internet Service Provider, Server Consolidation, Data Centers, Storage, Wiring Closets