Tripp Lite INTERNET550SER Internet Office UPS

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Tripp Lite INTERNET550SER Internet Office UPS

Ultra-compact standby UPS with built-in DB9 serial monitoring port protects PCs, network workstations and other systems reliant upon a simple serial communications interface for UPS monitoring and unattended system shutdown. Maintains AC output during blackouts and brownouts starting at 99V. Includes DB9 monitoring port with cabling, TEL/DSL line surge suppression, surge-only outlets and LED indicators. PowerAlert software available free via download.

* INTERNET550SER standby UPS offers protection from blackouts, brownouts and surges on both AC and dialup modem lines
* Provides seamless battery derived AC output during blackouts and severe brownouts so that connected equipment can be shut down without data loss
* Built-in serial port interface provides simple communications for automatic system shutdown if power fails while the system runs unattended
* PowerAlert software available via free download from, serial cable included
* Supports Tripp Lite's Watchdog system service to restore operation to locked equipment through soft reboot of application/OS or hard power off/on reboot of connected equipment; ideal for unattended kiosk applications
* 4 battery supported outlets protect computer, monitor and one vital system peripheral, plus 4 additional surge suppression-only outlets for printers and other system accessories not requiring battery support
* Attractive stealth black UPS color scheme
* Built-in single line phone jacks protects peripherals with a standard dialup phone line connection, phone cable included
* Built-in audible alarm and front panel LEDs offer continuous status information regarding line and battery power operation
* 550VA /300 watt power handling ability supports entry-level PC systems for several minutes during power fail conditions
* Ultra-compact housing fits anywhere, wall mountable
* Includes attached 6 ft. AC power cord with space saving right angle plug, on/off power switch
* Compatible with 120V/60 Hz applications in USA, Canada, Mexico and other countries
* 2 year warranty (worldwide), plus $100,000connected equipment insurance (USA, Puerto Rico, & Canada only)


* Ideal protection for PCs, workstations and other devices running Windows NT and other operating systems requiring contact closure serial interface for unattended shutdown

Package Includes

* INTERNET550SER standby UPS system
* DB9 serial cable for use with PowerAlert UPS monitoring software
* Telephone cable for use with single line dialup surge suppression
* Instruction manual and warranty information