Tripp Lite OMNI500ISO OmniSmart UPS

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Tripp Lite OMNI500ISO OmniSmart UPS

Tripp Lite's OMNI500ISO offers complete UPS protection with built-in line-interactive voltage regulation, intelligent monitoring and unattended shutdown capability. Built-in isolation transformer with faraday shield offers full isolation and complete common mode noise rejection. 500VA power handling capacity supports point-of-sale applications, computers, internetworking equipment and home theater systems during commercial power failures. Line-interactive voltage regulation corrects brownouts as low as 83V back to normal 120V levels, saving battery reserves for use only during complete power failures. Built-in USB communications port works with PowerAlert Software and cabling to provide automatic unattended shutdown of connected network and PC applications.

* 500VA line-interactive UPS with faraday-shielded, low-impedance isolation transformer delivers full isolation from potential damage and performance problems
* Provides immunity from EMI/RFI line noise in both normal and common modes. Delivers clean signal-reference ground, reducing data errors and audio/video distortion
* Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) automatically corrects incoming voltage to keep equipment working through low voltage (brownouts) as low as 83V, without draining battery power
* Supports loads up to 500VA/300W
* 5 min. full-load runtime (300W); 14 min. half load runtime (150W)
* Electrostatic discharge (ESD) resistance reduces potential static damage to connected electronics
* Built-in USB port and PowerAlert Software (free via web download) provide safe, unattended system shutdown during extended blackouts
* Built-in surge suppression (backed by $200,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance) safeguards connected equipment against damage
* SURGE VOLTAGE WITHSTAND CAPABILITY: ANSI/IEEE C62.41 Categories A & B 6KV/200/500 amp 100Khz Ringwave and category B BiWave.
* SURGE VOLTAGE ATTENUATION: N-G 2000:1, L-G 240:1, L-N 100:1.
* INSERTION LOSS: 65 db N-G from 10Khz to 100Khz, 45 to 60 db L-G from 10Khz to 100Khz, 18 to 54 db L-N from 50Khz to 500 Khz.
* 3 protected outlets; 6-ft. cord
* 4 diagnostic LEDs indicate AC present, on battery, overload and battery low/replace
* 2-year product warranty


* Ideal for providing a continuous clean grounding reference, voltage regulation and backup power for sensitive POS, networking and home theater applications

Package Includes

* OMNI500ISO UPS system
* USB cable
* Owner's manual with warranty information