Tripp Lite RELAYIOCARD Programmable Relay IO Card

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Tripp Lite RELAYIOCARD Programmable Relay IO Card

Tripp Lite's RELAYIOCARD allows users to communicate UPS status and events via six configurable contact closure outputs. Installs in any expansion slot-equipped SmartOnline and select SmartPro UPS systems. Enables monitoring and control of UPS conditions and events. Provides input signal relay contact to perform remote UPS system shutdown or battery tests.

*NOTE: SmartPro UPS systems including SMART1050SLT, SMART1500SLT, SMART2200RMXL2U, SMX1050SLT, SMART3000SLT, SMART2200SLT, SMART2200NAFTA, SMART2600RM2U, SMART3000RM2U, SMART1500CRMXL, SMART1500SLTXL, SMART750XLa, SMX30000XLRT2U, and SMX2200XLRT2U. Supported systems must run UPS protocol 3008 or above.

* Makes select Tripp Lite SmartPro or any SmartOnline UPS capable of providing contact closure output communications
* 6 relay output contacts are configurable for normal open or normal close signaling of  UPS conditions
* Configurable UPS conditions and events for each output relay contact
* Configurable input signal relay contact to shutdown UPS or test battery
* Two year product warranty


* Ideal solution for PCs, servers, datacenters, VoIP/telecom/industrial and other mission-critical equipment that requires power management, monitoring and control.

Package Includes

* Configuration cable
* Faceplates
* Owner's Manual