Tripp Lite SMART5000TEL3U SmartPro Rack-Tower UPS

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Tripp Lite SMART5000TEL3U SmartPro Rack-Tower UPS

Tripp Lite's SMART5000TEL3U intelligent, line interactive UPS protects server, networking and telecommunications equipment from blackouts, voltage fluctuations and surges in a compact rackmount housing. Completely self-contained UPS system occupies only 3 rack spaces (3U) in a standard 19 inch rack, making this model one of the smallest 5kVA UPS systems available. Included accessories support mounting 4 post rack enclosures. Large capacity 5000 VA/3750 watt UPS system accepts raw 208/240V AC input, adjusting output to normal 208V levels. One pair of 120V outlets support up to 400VA monitors and other low voltage accessories. Includes slot for internal SNMP/web card, plus 2 DB9 and 2 USB enhanced monitoring ports for unattended shutdown, remote control and monitoring of UPS system and power data. Five 5 outlets (two L6-20R, one L6-30R and two 5-15R) allow the connection of high current 20 and 30 amp 208V connectors and up to two 120V devices (max 400VA at 120V).

* Large 5000VA/3750-watt output capacity accommodates solitary large loads or multiple low-power loads
* High power density 5kVA power module occupies only 3 rack spaces (3U)
* 16 minutes half-load runtime (with a continuous load 2500VA; much longer runtime available at smaller loads)
* Line-interactive voltage regulation corrects severe brownouts and overvoltages without using battery power
* High voltage output supports 208V server, internetworking and telecom applications
* Pair of 120V outlets supports up to 400VA for standard 120V monitors, voicemail and other low-power networking devices
* Five total outlets (two L6-20R, one L6-30R and two 5-15R)
* Diagnostic LEDs provide visual indication of 17 separate performance conditions
* Included PowerAlert Software provides e-mail or pager notification of power problems and simultaneous automatic unattended shutdown of multiple servers
* 4 built-in communications ports (2 USB/2 DB9) for remote monitoring and unattended shutdown
* Slot for SNMP/web card (part#: SNMPWEBCARD) and environmental sensor (part#: ENVIROSENSE) for remote communications in large IP environments
* Emergency Power Off (EPO) interface for emergency shutoff in large facilities
* Hot-swappable/user-replaceable batteries allow on-site battery replacement through the front panel without powering off connected equipment or removing the UPS from the rack
* UPS ships fully assembled and ready for installation; no time-consuming user battery connections required
* $250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance. No warranty cards required for coverage!
* 2-year manufacturer's product warranty


* Ideal for centralized UPS protection of critical 208 volt equipment in server rooms, internetworking closets and telecommunications systems in rackmount or tower applications. Common applications include any mix of servers, workstations, hubs, routers, concentrators, IP telephony and traditional PBX switching systems.

Package Includes

* SMART5000TEL3U UPS System
* PowerAlert Software and cabling
* Mounting hardware
* Warranty information
* Instruction manual