Tripp Lite SMX5000XLRT3U SmartPro Rack UPS

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Tripp Lite SMX5000XLRT3U SmartPro Rack UPS

5000VA line interactive UPS for server, network and telecommunications equipment/UPS with internal batteries requires 3 rack spaces installed/accepts 230V nominal input voltage/Corrects brownouts and overvoltages from 170 to 282V/Sine wave output/Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) maintains battery derived AC output during blackouts and severe voltage fluctuations/Expandable runtime with optional external battery packs/11 output receptacles/Hardwire input connection/Network-grade AC surge and noise suppression/Network management interfaces include USB, DB9 serial with contact closure and SNMPWEBCARD slot/Supports simultaneous detailed monitoring of equipment load levels, self-test data and mains power conditions via all network interfaces at once/Includes PowerAlert monitoring software and complete cabling/Emergency Power Off (EPO) interface/3 stage metered current monitoring and battery charge LEDs/Mains power and voltage regulation LEDs/Audible alarm/Self-test/4 post rack mounting accessories/2-9USTAND and 2POSTRMKIT accessories available/Field replaceable, hot-swappable internal batteries and battery packs/Attractive all-black UPS design/Two year warranty

* 5000VA/3750 watt max. output power capacity compatible with International 230V 50/60Hz input voltage
* 3U rack/tower UPS installs in standard 19 inch rack enclosures with an installed depth of only 75 cm
* Protects sensitive networking equipment from blackouts, voltage fluctuations and transient surges
* Line Interactive Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) corrects 230V nominal input from 170 to 282VAC back to usable 230V levels without consuming battery power
* AVR circuits boost undervoltages from 170 to 199V by 12% and reduce overvoltages from 245 to 282V by 12%
* Network interfaces support simultaneous communications via USB, DB9 serial or contact closure and SNMPWEBCARD slot
* Included PowerAlert UPS monitoring software supports safe unattended shutdown, monitoring and control via local connected servers, plus any number of additional servers over IP
* Communications ports support on-battery, low-battery, power-restored, AC-voltage, DC-voltage, output current monitoring, battery charge current, battery capacity, internal UPS temperature, AC line frequency, timed inverter shutoff and activate self-test
* Built-in Emergency Power Off (EPO) interface with cable
* Sine wave output in AC and battery mode
* Expandable runtime with optional BP48V60RT3U external battery packs
* Half/full load runtime of 27/10 minutes with internal batteries
* Includes 11 output receptacles (3 C19/8 C13)
* Hardwire input AC connection
* 3 stage metered LEDs offer current monitoring and battery charge level
* Mains power and voltage regulation LEDs offer at-a-glance power status information
* Front panel switches support self-test and alarm cancel functions
* Included adjustable mounting rails support installation in 4 post 19 inch racks
* Supports 2 post rackmount installation with optional 2POSTRMKIT accessory
* Supports upright tower placement with optional 2-9USTAND accessory
* CE, GOST, SASO listed
* 2 year manufacturer's product warranty


* Ideal for protection of sensitive electronics in any application calling for upright tower or 19 inch rackmount UPS protection. Common applications include any mix of servers, workstations, hubs, routers, concentrators, IP telephony and traditional PBX switching systems

Package Includes

* SMX5000XLRT3U UPS system
* PowerAlert Software and Cabling
* Mounting hardware for 4 post rackmount installation
* Warranty information
* Instruction manual