Tripp Lite SUINT3000XL SmartOnline Tower UPS

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Tripp Lite SUINT3000XL SmartOnline Tower UPS

Tripp Lite's SmartOnline SUINT3000XL on-line, double-conversion UPS protects critical server, networking and telecommunications equipment from blackouts, voltage fluctuations and transient surges. Space-saving upright tower format. Large capacity 3000VA/2100W UPS continuously converts incoming AC to DC, then back to perfect sine wave AC output at selectable 220/230/240V AC (+/-2%). Removes harmonic distortion, fast electrical impulses, frequency fluctuations and other hard-to-solve power problems not addressed by other UPS types. True sine wave output and zero transfer time offers guaranteed compatibility with all equipment types. Includes 8 C13 outlets. Battery support can be extended through the addition of external battery packs (part# BP72V18). Includes slot for internal SNMP/Web card, plus DB9 enhanced serial monitoring port for unattended shutdown, remote control and monitoring of UPS system and power data.

* True on-line, double conversion UPS provides pure sine wave AC output at all times
* Maintains continuous operation with zero transfer time through blackouts, voltage fluctuations and surges
* Removes harmonic distortion, electrical impulses, frequency variations and other hard-to-solve power problems
* Corrects brownouts and overvoltages from 175-280V at full load. Input voltage range extends to 80-280V at 50% load or less
* 3000VA/2100W power capacity with 8 C13 outlets
* Standard internal battery set provides 14 min. runtime at half load and 5 min. runtime at full load
* Expandable runtime with multiple external battery packs (part# BP72V18 MULTI-PACK COMPATIBLE)
* DB9 serial port for network interface; SNMP compatible
* Slot for optional SNMP/Web card (part# SNMPWEBCARD)
* PowerAlert unattended shutdown software and network cable included
* Fault-tolerant auto-bypass maintians continuous utility output to connected equipment, even in cases where the UPS is overloaded or suffers an internal failure that requires service
* Diagnostic LEDs
* 3 C13-to-C14 jumper cables included
* 2-year warranty


* Ideal for protection of 220/230/240V networking, telecom and other data processing equipment requiring continuous power. Common applications include corporate or departmental servers, workstations, hubs, routers, bridges, CAD/CAM workstations, concentrators, IP telephony and traditional PBX switching systems.

Package Includes

* SUINT3000XL UPS System
* PowerAlert Sofware CD-ROM and cabling
* 3 C13-to-C14 jumper cables
* Owner's manual with warranty information