Tripp Lite SUPT40K Parallel Tie Cabinet

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Tripp Lite SUPT40K Parallel Tie Cabinet

Tripp Lite's parallel tie cabinet provides a means for safely paralleling two UPS systems for either redundancy or additional capacity.  Redundant configuration provides fault-tolerance to maintain network operations during failure of one UPS.  Non-redundant configuration combines the output of two UPS systems to support twice the output current.  Two input breakers receive incoming pwoer from the UPS and are connected to heavy duty copper buswork and an output breaker rated for the total UPS capacity of the two UPS systems combined.  See owners manual and Tripp Lite 3-Breaker Parallel Tie Cabinet download for detailed specifications, dimensional drawings, operational flow charts and technical descriptions.

Compatible with two Tripp Lite SU40K UPS systems.

* 3 breaker parallel tie cabinet accessory for two Tripp Lite 3 phase UPS systems
* Enables dual-UPS redundancy or links the output of two UPS systems for double-capacity
* 3 built-in circuit breakers, heavy duty copper buswork
* Compatible Tripp Lite SU40K 3 phase UPS systems

Voltage compatibility: 208v
Shipping weight (lbs): 270
Shipping weight (kg): 122.6
Shipping Dimensions (HWD/in): 42.75 x 36.85 x 12.55
Shipping Dimensions (HWD/cm): 108.6 x 93.6 x 31.9
Unit weight (lbs): 265
Unit weight (kg): 120.3
Unit Dimensions (HWD/in): 42 x 36.1 x 11.8
Unit Dimensions (HWD/cm): 106.7 x 91.7 x 30
Form factors supported: Wallmount