ZyXEL BPS-120 Back-up Power System

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ZyXEL BPS-120 Back-up Power System

For Enterprises/Telco requiring high service level, high reliability networks

The power supply for your switch has a tough job. It has to deal with dirty electricity coming into it and occasional surges that can kill it. The BPS120 helps ensure that your switches stay functioning, even if the power supply doesn't. The BPS acts as a back-up power supply in case the internal one dies, and one BPS120 can be connected to up to 6 switches so you don't waste valuable rack space on multiple back up power supplies.

* Don't let a bad power supply take your switch offline
* One BPS120 can provide backup to 6 switches, reducing expense and freeing up space in your wiring closet
* Temperature, power and fan speed monitoring for best performance

The ZyXEL BPS120 is a stand-alone backup power unit designed to connect up to six external networking devices. When the internal power unit of one such device fails, the BPS provides power instantly to the failing device to prevent it from rebooting. Although up to six devices can be connected, only one can be powered by BPS120 at once. The output rating is 12VDC 120 watts.

The single rack-mount BPS-120 unit can combine with the ZyXEL L2/L3 Enterprise switch with inline power, as well as an UPS to create a Centralized Power Provisioning System. Current supporting models are ZyXEL Dimension ES-3124, ES-4024A, GS-3012/F, GS-4012F and GS-4024.